Safe skin care during the pregnancy

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What Juliette Armand products can I use while pregnant?

It's actually easier to tell you what products you CAN'T use:

All professional chemical peels - why?

  • It may not help, the hormones are out of control.
  • It could worsen the problems, chemical peels can increase pigmentation in a pregnant woman's skin rather then decreasing it.
  • It can cause new problems like herpes.
  • It can cause redness in the skin, skin can burn easier.

Salicylic Acid is the only acid studied and in oral form (aspirin) it showed to cause birth defects and various pregnancy complications. Doctors recommend to avoid excessive or frequent use of BHA.

What about the home care products?

It is recommended to avoid all the products containing AHA fruit acids: AHA Smoothing Cream, AHA Preparation Lotion, Exfoliating Enzyme Gel, 

Retinol/ Retinoid is not suitable during pregnancy. Why?

Maternal use of synthetic Vitamin A (retinoids) during pregnancy can result in multiple effects on the developing embryo and fetus including miscarriage, premature delivery and a variety of birth defects.

Again, in oral form (accutane) are known to cause birth defects. 

Avoid which products?
Nourishing Cream, Thavma Serum, Chronos Serum, Retinoid C Serum, Retinoid C Cream, Retinoid 3% Serum