Lifting Skin Set

Juliette Armand

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Lifting Skin Set Includes:

  • Nourishing anti-wrinkle cream
  • Firming Mask

Firming Mask: Specific firming and remodeling multi-synergy mask with specially designed formula to meet the particular needs of the sensitive neck area. It contains Matrixyl 3000 which stimulates the production of collagen, fibronectin and hyaluronic acid from fibroblasts, thus smoothing wrinkles and firming the skin. Drieline activates the skin’s cellular regeneration and rejuvenation process. It also contains the ingredient liftessence, a plant gel providing visible and instant lifting results. Menthol microcapsules are released once the mask is applied, giving an instant sense of freshness, coolness and revitalization to the skin.

Nourishing anti-wrinkle cream: with visible red microcapsules of vitamins A and E. It contains vitamin complex and concentrated retinol, which penetrates into the deeper skin layer for more effective cellular nourishment. It helps combat the oxidative damage of skin cells and prevents the damage and degeneration of collagen and elastin fibres. It prevents the appearance of wrinkles and smoothes any existing ones. The skin is revitalized and regains its natural glow whilst has an oily texture.