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Thermoslim Gel 200ml

Juliette Armand

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A high performance heat gel for bodies with stubborn topical fat and cellulite.

ACTION: The combination of the powerful vasodilator Methyl Nicotinate (vitamin B ester) with hot Capsicum achieves capillary vascular enlargement, increased microcirculation, and hyperaemia in the epidermis. The complex of iodine extract (Iododrate) and the extracts of ivy and ruscus intensify tissue microcirculation and result in their decongestion and immediate activation of the lipolysis process. The Prosveltyl extract activates the lipolysis process, reduces fat storage and inflammation of tissues by fighting cellulite.

RECOMMENDED: For localized fat loss, hyperemia, as well as for daily use.

USAGE: Massage gel into skin until absorbed.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Problems with varicose veins, phlebitis, sensitive capillary vessels.

USE: For daily care, use on its own. Combine with other Juliette Armand products. If you want to stop its action, use any greasy product.